AMPM  is a select shop located in Taipei,Taiwan.

The shop was founded by Artist/Designer 'Dbsk1',and'Petshopsgirl Joe' in 2005.

Is a select shop favoring street edge & contemporary fashion lifestyle products.

AMPM is the official flagship store for DVMVGE group.



'Damage' is a contemporary lifestyle brand based off  realities of living in the 21st century and beyond.

Insipration driven by dark satirical references from technological omnipresence, geopolitics, and pop culture.


Our primary concepts utilizes the uses of varied imagery and repurposed logos relating to globalization, conflict, and corporate consumerism to represent the way in which our lives are being changed through high-tech development and global interconnectivity of the modern world.

 Development as a street influenced, avant garde clothing line ,created with sound quality standards and functionality.


Most the items produced are usually limited to or less than 30 pieces,so prices tend to be higher than usual for most products.

This insures better quality craftsmanship standard,and more of a individual specialty item for all of our customers.